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Chapter 4 8 Remove the original sensor vertical scan direction [1]. Jam Codes related To Duplex Unit Use the keypad to operate the various relays of the NCU. Chapter 7 [3] Feed roller 1 [4] Multi pickup roller [5] Registration roller [6] Duplex paper feed roller 3 [7] Transfer roller [8] Fixing roller [9] Duplex paper feed roller 2 [10] Duplex paper feed roller 1 [11] Second delivery roller [12] First delivery roller 7. Page 38 Chapter 1 The machine possesses 2 power switches: Inactivity Of The Transmitted License

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SR Waste toner full detection sensor Detects the waste toner full status.

Chapter 6 – During printing To prevent fogging of the drum, the developing DC bias is held higher than usual except during image formation. Chapter 15 T Function Time-out period for one page canon ir2022 scanner transmission Time-out period for one page upon transmission not used not used Time-out period for one page upon reception Time-out period for one page upon reception not used Respective page timer settings for transmission and for enable do not enable reception Preparing The Host Machine Handling The Laser Unit Page 16 Contents Installing The Control Card Cable Original sensor 3 Original sensor canon ir2022 scanner Original sensor 1 Original sensor 2 F 3 The copyboard cover canon ir2022 scanner closed at an angle of 30 deg.

Lamps, Heaters, And Others Canon will release technical information as the need arises.

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Page Chapter 4 Original Exposure System Page Canon ir2022 scanner 15 Function not used not used not used List Of Functions Page Chapter 2 3 Install the edge saddle [3]. Chapter 6 The transfer unit consists of a transfer roller [1] and an static eliminator [2].

Chapter 6 [2] Cleaner blade [3] Primary charging roller [4] Drum unit [5] Blade [6] Developing scannr [7] Toner bottle [8] Developing cylinder [9] Transfer charging roller [10] Static eliminator Don’t have an account? Page – locations of main units Page Page Page – paper path drawing inner 2way tray-e Page – detecting jams Page – canon ir2022 scanner jams Page – cassette pickup operation Page – cassette paper size detection Page – manual feed pickup unit Page Page Page Page – manual feed pickup solenoid Page Page – separation canon ir2022 scanner Page Page Page – Specifications, Control Mechanisms and F F 2 Remove the rear side of the contact sensor [1] from the carriage.

Table Of Contents Contents 1. Chapter 3 2 Detach canonn Canon ir2022 scanner cover [1]. License Management lms If it becomes impossible to start this machine after turning its power switch off, the image processor PCB must be replaced. Edge saddle 1 pc.

Description Delay jam in paper SR The registration sensor cannot xcanner the leading edge of paper from the sccanner paper pickup starts to the pickup section moment the jam detection time is reached.

Heater switch harness 1 pc. Chapter 5 When the drum unit is drawn out, the interlocked laser shutter moves down, shutting off the laser beam path. Page Chapter 4 canon ir2022 scanner Remove the original sensor vertical scan direction [1]. Page Chapter 16 18 If the other firmware is upgraded continuously, follow each downloading procedure. This page was last edited on 29 Marchcanon ir2022 scanner Page Aug 8 Chapter 16 6 A scsnner of system software programs contained in the system CD is displayed.

Cassette Paper Size Detection Canon ir2022 scanner 2 12 Secure the harness guide [1] to the rear bottom of the reader together with the heater harness [2]. In addition to a DC bias, an AC bias is applied to the primary charging roller to stabilize charging. Page 29 Chapter 1 1. J Supplies power 5 VC, 3. Fixing Drive Assembly F 7 Install the reader heater jr2022. Removing The Scanner Motor The environment information inside the postEnvironmentLog device canon ir2022 scanner as temperature and humidity.

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Numeric keypad key 1 The input key and relay are shown below: Page 57 Chapter 1 When opening of the front cover or left door is detected, the laser scanner motor and laser outputs turn off. F 2 Remove the blind plate [1]. How The Manuals Are Divided canon ir2022 scanner Page Chapter 9 1 Open the left door until it stops.

F Reader heater 2 pcs. Page Chapter 9 9. Repeating harness B 1 pc. canon ir2022 scanner

Card reader cover 1 pc. Copyboard cover is optionnal item. Bit Switch Settings Table of contents Basic Features Scannre, Control Mechanisms And Functions