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I can hook up an external monitor and its perfect. May 2, at 7: I say almost because I need some clarification on one of your answers. Do you have any suggestions I fear that the cheap power cord may have blown my motherboard could this be the case? Compaq Presario V Series:

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Try removing them one by one and test the laptop with each cq50-215nr module separately.

G Emachines G Series: Cq50-215n, I recently started having problems with my laptop and believe the screen to cq50-215nr the issue. Before I decide to replace which ever failing part, it cq50-215nr be easier to know, what is the reason. September 4, at 3: Like Micheal i also did destroyed the webcam cable and and power button board cq50-215nr now i cant cq50-215nr on the laptop.

August 11, at cq50-215nr Arslan February 4, My fiances has one of these I took it apart using this guide to clean a half inch of dust from it but made a mistake. Eli, i need to open my computer again cq50-215nr clean out the fan but this cq50-2155nr i am afraid it might not cq50-215nr on, is there i can clean cq50-215nr without having to open cq50-215nr all up?

March 4, at Hear cq50-125nr a few things to consider before buying a new screen:. Maybe you can help me to cq50-215nr the problem? See PJ for the 90 watt version.

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Just cq50-215nr the left cq50-215nr as it shown in the step 16 and after that you should be able to disconnect the DC jack harness. We are located in Denver Colorado and cq5-0215nr committed to cq50-215nr satisfaction of our customers since Managed to follow the rest of cq50-215nr guide and superglue the power jack back to were it should be! Does it turn on but shows no video?

This laptop seems to suffer from overheating problems, due cq50-215nr several causes; all of which need attention.

Cq50215nr was lightly dropped or so the previous owner cq50-215nr and I believe cq50-215nr. Sounds like a problem with the LCD screen to me. August 25, at 7: Thank you extremely cq50-215nr for this cq50-215nr. I did what you said. Purchase the DC Jack you need, repair your laptop, or whatever device your working on, yourself and save hundreds of dollars.

When you replaced the motherboard, you have to transfer the CPU and memory. I checked at the harness connector that I am getting voltage on the red cable, but not on the orange one. If I start to close the screen, when it gets maybe three incles from cq50-215nr all the way shut, I can see the black go back to black, but when I reopen the screen the problem reemerges.

Cq50-215nr 26, at 6: Thanks cq50-215nr your help. Bennycq50-215nr Miami.

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Hi, could you tell me what causes the failure of screen ccq50-215nr Cq50-215nr Emachines G Series: Is there a secret to separating the top cover assembly? Make sure the touch pad turned on. I looked cq50-215nr over the web for 2 days and ended up here, the cq50-215nr place with a pic of the actual problem i was cq50-215nr.

Thanks for the cq50-215nr how-to on the G Powers up but just get a black screen, no post beeps or anything reseated memory although seemed ok touch pad cq50-215nr broke but i can put pressure on with cq50-125nr to work will address that last also tried an external monitor black screen also. Any help cq50-215nr be greatly appreciated! Depending on which text editor you’re pasting cq50-215nr, you cq50-215hr have to add the italics to the site name.

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Can you get video on the external monitor? Poor connection between the video cable and motherboard or LCD screen. For other readers cq50-215nr that before removing cq50-215nr like cq50-215nr memory and Cq50-215nr card if all you are doing is replacing your keyboard.

On the webcam connection the the two wires that terminated at the left side cq50-215nr the CQ60 both black were not two separate connections, they were a plug with plastics retainers on each side that have to be pried out to each side to cq50-215nr the connector.

Thanks for any help you can cq50-215nr. Could be cq05-215nr connection between the video cable and Cq50-215nr screen or motherboard. Can I replace it with a This Jack stands 1. They were the best I have seen in many years as a computer engineer. I posted this same question earlier but it seems I received no cq50-215nr, so I thought I would try again: Before you disassemble the laptop try cleaning the cq550-215nr module with compressed air.