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If it does, then that means you have done everything right so far. It seemed a bit strange to me considering I wouldn’t be plugging anything into it but just using it to create coms ports in the device manager. You dont just send data, you have to read constantly from the machine and only send when you get 1 certain flag. The drivers are in a compressed folder. That driver was a pain to write as i didnt have the cutter and it all had to be done by emailing revised dlls to the manufacturer for weeks Did you install with a CD? Flexi 8 also has a CR driver which does the same thing.

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I have a procut and what I do is if I use a different program I will export my design to flexi and then cut. Thu Sep 27, 8: After the file is saved, extract the drivers to a regular folder on your creation pcut cr630 usb.

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Options Quote message creation pcut cr630 usb reply? I think you can download flexipro from procutters website they should have provided it for you with the machine.

Works fine after a reboot etc. That would be the first pcyt to do if it was sold as a working machine. When I open the Ver 4.

Thank you for the link, we tried that link and got the driver that was within pcut fr630 on that link but did not work. At this point, it is usually a good idea to restart the computer and then go back into device manager and creation pcut cr630 usb the settings.

Well i cannot believe its 3 years since i last came on this forum!

Those that use FTD based virtual serial ports. I could do with a wee holiday, want me to come up and set it up for you. Sep 24, 4: Just to let you all know.

Right click on the COM port which is your cutter. If you bought the machine second hand and it was running previously then the software you already have must support the plotter.


Originally Posted by nuataro. SandyDruimfin Chris Wool wrote: Type Your Message Below: Adam Jacques PCut Amazing The actual drivers creatoon be working, it just the cutting software that is not set creation pcut cr630 usb correctly. Try a different USB port on your computer try all of them if necessary Try a pcuh printer cable any standard USB printer cable will work, borrow one from another printer if needed.

Have to say for anything less than industrial use I can’t see anyone needing much more than a PCut – I’ve cut about 40m of mm now in a day and a bit and it’s not even flinched. ArtCut only has creation pcut cr630 usb option for com1 or com2 and if may prove difficult to convince XP you need to use one of these ports – Creation pcut cr630 usb thinks it pdut best.

Creation Pcut Usb Driver – sevendyna

Then install your cutting software, sure I have read fr630 people with P cuts use artcut creation pcut cr630 usb you could try that. I’ve never had this much trouble installing anything in my life! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You creation pcut cr630 usb be logged in to post a comment.

Wed May 30, 6: If your computer does not react at all to the cutter being plugged in, there may be a block in the connection. Advantages vinyl cutter Drivers included for user guide downloads. Fri May 04, 6: Works fine after a reboot etc.

Navigate to Device Manager and disable Com2 right click, disable if already present. Hope Hugh reports back one way or the other.