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It took me a bit to get things going but I attributed that to not having had the Scansnap in use for a long time. For example, if the document contains black text in a green frame, you can set the scanner to read only the text and eliminate drop out the green frame. I finally gave up and called Fujitsu support. Fokke – December 13, Reply. I love this thing and it worked flawlessly before the Win 10 update! I unplugged the power to both, rebooted, thought it was the order in which I did it so changed the order. Rotate the roller bushing by rotating it in the direction of the arrow.

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This is a strange problem.

Select [Program] – [Adobe Acrobat 6. On majority of HP machines the In my case, scansnap was connected to sccansnap scanner over wifi and I could scan if I initiated it from the PC, but pressing the button on the scanner resulted in it flashing fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox bit and then nothing. The ScanSnap troubleshooter is no help. I have ScanSnap IX HarrietM – February 24, Reply.

It looks like ci time you scan and rename the document, a copy with the old name is being sent to recycle.

When the automatic updates for the ScanSnap appear fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox my computer screen, I am not able to download them.

Everything on this product used to work instantly — e. What can I do now to get this essential device working again?

Alex – August 7, Reply. In the edit window, select your user name or administrators if you are the administrator on your systemclick the full control box and Apply. Page [Bottom] in case there is a shadow in the bottom edge. Driver has yellow question mark, fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox says code The icon may take up to a minute to reconnect to your ix Use this scanner only at the indicated power voltage and current.

A driver upgrade may be required, but at the time of writing it has not been released yet. Resolves if I restart my computer fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox that is pain to do everytime i want to use the scanner.

Again, right click the scansnap manager exe file, and this time click on properties.

ScanSnap would not work until I selected the scansnap folder as the location to save files. James – August 24, Reply.

スキャナー ScanSnap(スキャンスナップ)| Fujitsu Japan

I very much need help with this. See this page for instructions and this page for software. Ran ScanSnap update, which had no discernible effect. Thanks Brooks for the very prompt reply. Take particular care in cleaning the feed fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox since black scansanp on the rollers adversely affect the pickup performance. But this did not happen. So much for those promises from Microsoft that all your software will work under Windows 10, prompting you to upgrade!

Jason – September 16, Reply. Fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox this tab when setting cache mode, multi feed detection, blank 5110ex skipping, etc. Since the fusing assembly is already overheating turning it back on scabsnap away can cause it to heat up more and permanently damage the unit.

SP Series Scanners deliver simple operation and reliable performance. Chris – October 27, Reply. The scansnap manager appears incomplete and it is only showing the upper left hand portion of the fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox manager screen.

I could kiss you right now! I found the usbscan. I will not take this new scanner back and trust Fujitsu to handle this promptly. I am reluctant to uninstall then reinstall since I will lose all of my custom settings; but, from the looks fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox things, I may have no choice.


FUJITSU Image Scanner

I rebooted and still the Manager will not run. Well — it worked great with my Win 7 laptop. Wayne – August 8, Reply.