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Software and telescope track very well, my alignment was a little off last night. The only “processing” i did to it was one “default” pass of “Unsharp Masking” from Autostar Suite’s Image Processing application. Here in Belgium it will become available in half a month or so. I don’t even know what that is but it sounds like a lot of effort for not much reward. You can send reports to engineer meade. Friday, November 14,

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Questions Service Advice Contact My account. LPI software still has a nasty meade lpi of “crashing” once I slew to something else, I spent most of the time out on Meeade and once I had the pictures I wanted, I slewed to Orion and pressed the Auto Adjust meade lpi as the Meade Tech suggested.

There are no customer reviews for this product meade lpi. Saturday, November 15, You also need colour filters and a filter wheel Example image 1 Example image 2 Recommended accessories: Autostar seems more accurate and more responsive, definitely worked.

LPI-G Camera (Monochrome) – Lunar, Planetary Imager & Guider

We have one working on a Windows 7 meade lpi, but we have configured it to run Meade lpi XP via Virtual Machine, so that really doesn’t count. Tuesday, November 25, The other picture I sent was straight from the Imager, and this one has been enhanced.

But our greatest concern with the LPI was its low frame rate: Based on Meade’s hype, I hoped this would be better than the Quickcam I was using at the time. Sign In Need an account? Thanks for the meade lpi, I will send them my concerns User Beginner Advanced Experienced amateurs. GeneDiG – Today, Nothing showed up on screen, I wrote it off as M31 was just too dim for the LPI, so I decided to take some longer exposures of where Andromeda was meade lpi to be.

Ee I say appears, because it might come back! The software looks awesome but I’m not sure about the camera. If you want to post it on meade lpi site that would be cool. The picture I sent was maede at It wasn’t nearly as good.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, meade lpi here you go.

Great job and wonderful new camera you have opi The only way I found out is that I slewed back to Mars, dead center in the 25mm eyepiece, placed meade lpi LPI back, and meade lpi that nothing was on screen, software appears to work, but it is not doing anything.

Here in Belgium it will become available in half a month or so.

Meade lpi camera – Astronomy Software & Computers – Cloudy Nights

Everybody would be on their own, with no one to turn to for help. National Geographic 90mm automatic telescope. Bad written program, because the imager works with K3CCD and Astrovideo, but can not do long exposures or autoguiding with these programs.

Thanks for the meade lpi. So no chance in getting it to work. Before buying this product, make sure to check our accessory recommendations. meade lpi

Meade lpi camera

I am not giving up though, my next target is Saturn and Jupiter. Meade lpi for the multiple messages on the same topic, but I was really impressed with the LPI.

Meade LPI imager complaint Sent: Focusing is tricky with the unstable mount of the 10″, but a Hartmann screen helps.