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Haven’t tested it with Win-doze yet but I don’t think that there will be a problem. I’ll consolidate all my external firewire and usb drives’ data on this 1TB Infrant device. Trying latest beta 4. I’ve emailed Infrant and am waiting for a reply. Well featured, the first? Had three advantages, came in black, was diskless and supported secure FTP support. While I haven’t built up as much experience with it yet, as it is mainly used as a music server, it seems to work very well.

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A little unfair to be complaining about it when Apple doesn’t support it. I wrote him with a FYI on the tips and forwarded the Lacie email to him. s1c01

Compatible with Time Machine. The NVX has managed to maintain simultaneous backups from all 3 macs over Time Machine as well as a multi-GB file transfer to the common share without any blips.

netgear zetera sc101 In Icon View, the icons seemed to be in all the right places even! Now replaced with the TS https: Here’s a comparison between a Firewire drive and the DNS network drive. Synology had some small problems with the initial software relaese for this NAS, but with the actual release I’ve had no problems. Helios also netgewr a “File System Netgear zetera sc101 utility” for testing file server compatibility.

I netgear zetera sc101 one too, and FTP works but a bit strange non-standard: The two times they did call back were at 6: FTP does not work from any of the systems. Although some networked drives have better performance most netgear zetera sc101 are far below the drive or interface specs which are typically max per netgear zetera sc101, not real-world nwtgear 3.

If you have a jailbroken AppleTV firecore you can stream video and music from the NAS direct from an iTunes folder however this is at a file level. The web interface is good, and it has a wizard to walk you through the setup in the correct order.

I’m now looking for a reliable Mac-friendly NAS solution from another netgear zetera sc101. I’ll set up Infrant’s OS to take regular “snapshots” as well, so reverting to the day before I accidentally delete those vacation photos in both locations will be a snap! Leave enough unused space on the unit so that even with a failed disk, the unit can recover.

And the latest OS Netgear zetera sc101 2. Dc101 am most impressed. Here’s mfr product page It’s a 4 bay enclosure.

Mac user reports on NAS & Wireless connected NAS

netgear zetera sc101 The key feature I was looking for was it’s ability to netgaer accessed via ethernet, which both of these NAS boxes do. All devices on net must support JF.

I did have to burn the. It works very reliably.

In its price range it definitely offers more than the others. I, too, was bewildered by the netgear zetera sc101 and ftp netgeat on the drive. The unit came with firmware version 1.

I chose the device for two reasons – the first being a good review on smallnetbuilder. Everything worked as advertise by Infrant. There are two USB 2. Well featured, the first? Prior to this, I can’t remember the last time I called tech support except to activate CableCards on my Netgear zetera sc101. The second thing I noticed once I powered it up was that even though this device has four 1 TB drives in it; it was oscillating less than nettgear LaCie Quadra 1 TB external hard netgear zetera sc101.

It’s worked flawlessly for 5 months now. Right now I am using it for weekly backups and turning it off when complete.