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I don’t know what happened If you get some streaks on prints, wipe the “lenses” in the machine cover. I have an Oki c with a error. Close the hole with duct tape. Both problems can be caused by toner cartridges.

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It took me all of 5 seconds and a simple search of the forum to find this http: Okidata b410d have 3 of these okidatx. Naturally, I asked why wasn’t listed on the label. Have not even received it yet. I’m working on that. One okidata b410d fresh toner and one for waste.

Any GOOD instructions would be appreciated. This also works for the OKI C Some muppet okidata b410d selling this info on ebay. Hope this ooidata thanks for the tip!

The simplest, and least effective is to stick something like a pencil into the hole on the non-bluehandle end to open the okidata b410d a little bit and then bang the cartridge against a trash barrel to knock the okidata b410d toner out.

Close the blue handle, remove the tape,clean the cartridge,reinstall. Close the hole with duct tape.

01 Product List – CD/DVD cases

Okidata b410d CD Case Blue. The “Dot Count” shows how much of each colour has been used in the life of that toner.

okidata b410d For the cn maybe c users you might to look at my post on this other thread: Ya can’t miss it The toner life shown in Diagnostic Mode okidata b410d opposite to that shown in the Usage Menu when the printer is in normal operation.

It will also remind you weeks later that you okidata b410d already reset the toner. Just 4 ojidata and online and cancel buttons. I try to use it but something is wrong and it prints to much magente.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

The end plate is a thin piece of black plastic and okidata b410d easily be pried open and off with a small thin okidata b410d driver. I don’t understand what device determines when a cartridge is empty. Sam’s Toner is an online supplier of high quality printer ink and toner cartridges. Ships anywhere okjdata Canada.

Oh, well that’s life. If the printer is expecting paper of a certain thickness, and some other thickness then feeds through, the printer will jam. Thanks for the info on where to find it and the part.


When going under the menu settings on the printer, there is not more network config okidata b410d. So far, I’m aware of okidata b410d methods for emptying the waste toner. I had to clean up and replace the old drum cartridge which works OK now. If you would want, I can put this online in a private directory and have okidat available for what ever length of time needed. Joe – Joe Arthaud.

If you take a okidata b410d clip or nail and push into the hole, you can hold the closure open and use a small vacuum or shake okidata b410d cartridge to empty the okidatta toner. Black 33mm DVD Case holds Betty, try doing reset again, sounds like you got caught mid-data stream into the reset.

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R Media :

Would it ruin it? Don’t know it it works on all revision of the bios dough – its okidata b410d litle complicated.

Wallet for Discs. I hope this post may save one person from buying Xante.