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The FE did a good job capturing fine detail in the Still Life shot. Shutter lag was again on the slow side, at about 0. Lithium Ion rechargeable Batteries Included: The images above show a common yet tricky exposure situation. Yes Rear Display Size inches:

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You can keep the olympus fe-300 under automatic control while expanding your creative tools by switching to Program AE mode. I also measured about 0.

Skydio R1 autonomous camera drone gets olympus fe-300 new cinematic modes in update. In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting people and events, and recommended the best. The Skydio R1 aerial “self-flying camera” received its first major software update today, introducing a new Car Follow mode enabling the drone to follow vehicles autonomously olympus fe-300 capturing footage.

In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best. In addition to its optical zoom, it offers as much olympus fe-300 4x digital enlargement, with seamless transition from optical olympus fe-300 digital zoom.

Here the fall off in sharpness is olyjpus noticeable. May 23, 64 mobile.

A set of guidelines helps you line olymppus each shot. The camera also has an LCD backlight feature that aided in framing in the bright sunlight. What camera should I buy? Submit a News Tip! Two buttons on olympus fe-300 rear panel control the Olympus FE’s main operating mode, either Record or Playback just above the Olympus fe-300 monitorand a notched Mode dial selects between the available recording modes: In an effort to streamline production and minimize oly,pus, RED olympus fe-300 announced that it is simplifying its product lineup to three main cameras.

Olympus fe-300 Capture Image Resolution: The available fee-300 are sunlight, cloudy, tungsten, and 3 different fluorescent settings. Meanwhile, BrightCapture Technology works to improve results in low-light conditions.

FE &gt Product Manuals

olympus fe-300 With its megapixel Olympus fe-300 III image sensor, the Olympus FE captures large images with great detail, at olympus fe-300 as high as 4, x 3, pixels. Olympus has a nice little meter on the bottom right of the LCD that shows you the status of the buffer. Optical distortion is surprisingly low with the Olympus FE’s lens, as I measured only 0. Its extended ISO offerings mean you can get much better exposures in very low lighting, but the downside is high noise in many cases.

Autofocus issues with Tamron’s new mm Olympus fe-300. The Olympus FE has very few external controls, as the camera operates mainly in automatic mode. Vivo teaser shows bezel-free smartphone with pop-up camera.

Olympus FE-300

Buffer size for RAW shooting in burst mode frames: Navigate Review Jump to fe-3000 page No Tilt Swivel Screen: May 27, Olympus fe-300 Maximum ISO native: The F E-3 00 only has a 2. Of special note here is the Olympus Olympus fe-300 Smile Shot mode, which automatically captures three consecutive frames at high speed when the camera automatically detects a smiling face.

Tiny and compact, though still with enough heft to oolympus seriously, the Olympus FE is clearly meant to go places. There is no olympus fe-300 to set a custom white balance.

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Does that mean that olympus fe-300 is no longer olgmpus better? Cropping is olympus fe-300 preferable to the normal digital zoom, which crops and then resamples the image to equal a full-size image, because the end result is usually fuzzy.

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