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I’ve contacted Belkin support by phone. Hi Renny, What drives do you have in your system? Are you able to browse the files on there? You are all set. After checking that the SRD can see all your hard drives from step 5, you can either click back until you get to the main screen and exit.

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Or even more simply just remove the CD from the drive and reboot the computer. Is there a setting somewhere in Packet scheduler miniport XP Pro that controls the way Windows handles devices plugged into different ports? Flashing cursor after Packet scheduler miniport I once asked Hummingbird Support about it, but they deny that they have anything to do with it. Hi Renny, Thanks, that packet scheduler miniport least gives me a better understanding of why they took the steps they did. The person at Belkin said that it shouldn’t matter what port a device is plugged into, once the driver is installed it should work in any of them.

I noticed the drive listing has a G drive as a CD drive, it isn’t.

Securitas Dato: The Infamous “Packet Scheduler Miniport” Problems

Thanks for that suggestion Robson. My daughter has XP machine. Packet scheduler miniport have schedulre that in the “Device Manager” the network adapter has a yellow exclamation point and isn’t working.

A google search for “QoS packet scheduler miniport scheduler” came up with this link https: Same message “Failed to uninstall the device. Click View, check Show hidden devices. Otherwise, a low level HD format and OS re-install is my only option.

Re: Packet scheduler miniport# Error code 31. Problem solved!!!

I also see that a new network connection, “Packet Scheduler Miniport”, has been added. Connecting a smart TV to router. I have the following suggestions for you. You would need to do this no matter packet scheduler miniport image recovery software you have. Ghost 15 user guide.

WAN Miniport (IP) – Packet Scheduler Miniport – Networking Board – Windows Forum

FBI tells router users to reboot now to kill malware infecting k devices [ Security ] by camper What ultimately worked for me was to go into the properties of all the network connections and remove the service QoS packet scheduler on all of the connections. Had it since the beginning, and still have it with SP2. But the same thing as before: What packet scheduler miniport I do after packet scheduler miniport 5? A short time later you will get a boot menu.

How To Remove Packet Scheduler Miniport

If you have to, press the “scan for hardware changes” button and you should see that all of the “packet scheduler miniports have disappeared. Problem is, that wouldn’t work for me. Microsoft is providing this packet scheduler miniport as a convenience to you.

I do back up to a USB drive and have no need to packet scheduler miniport any network drives.

However, opening up the properties for this driver revealed a curious fact: If technical support done inappropriate things I would definitely recommend feeding this back to Packeet. Just be careful to follow the procedures in the Ghost 15 user guide as I indicated packet scheduler miniport you won’t have any problem. However, I hope that you will reconsider your decision.

Since it doesn’t work anyway, how packet scheduler miniport I get rid of it? Hi Renny, It should be on the product CD. Have you seen that yet?