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I do NOT recommend it to anyone unless you have an older computer to pare it with. The notes get synchronized with MS Outlook. Jeremy Craft and 2 other contributors. Well, other elements such as speaker, headphone jack or expansion slots are absent. Jeremy Craft Member since:

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The program keeps your hand-written notes. A single charge provides a week of per day work. Needs Better Images Better photos pal, improve this guide.

Zire Handheld

HP Classic Handheld It turned a shrewd marketing move — positioning palm zire 21 instead of a digital gadget aimed at sudden buys. Using a plastic opening tool, small flathead screwdriver, or small knife blade pry the battery away zlre the motherboard. All the tasks can be synchronized with MS Outlook. Palm zire 21 Zire 21 with the new operating system has brought to light many applications designed for Palm OS 5.

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Specifications The Zire 21 includes 8 MB RAM — four times that available on the original Zire a useful feature considering palm zire 21 lack of extension slots.

The application guides the palm zire 21 and views the log, which displays the recent synchronization date and time. When it is dark you fail to make out screen images.

But we found it adequate for students, teens, or anyone who wants a low-cost PDA for handling to-do lists, contacts, and calendar items. See More Listing Details. I should mention a rubber flip cover. Palm zire 21 most palm handhelds, text from the PDF file could be copied and pasted into other applications such as Memo Pad, greatly enhancing the utility of this cheap device.

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Many users complained of the blue paint chipping and peeling after moderate use. The application is meant for the beginners describing in pictures the PDA functions, telling bout the Graffiti area. It helps to set schedules, appointments and events. Skip to main content. Third-party cases included a lens cover. The Zire 21 represents palm zire 21 unique may be the last monochrome device supporting the fifth Palm OS version. The recommended utilities for the Palm Zire 71 and all palm zire 21 Palm-branded PDA users as well addressing the in-pocket power-up problem are.

This is a once-in-a-generation chance to protect local repair jobs—the corner mom-and-pop repair palm zire 21 that keep getting squeezed out by manufacturers. The Zire 21 is an entry level device for the novice Oalm user.

It also has a monochrome screen and a pliable plastic protective flip lid that has a tendency to flop around a little too much. The device is composed of a monochrome screen and a pliable plastic palm zire 21 lid.

The standard Zire 72 had a bright blue painted body with silver back. Here you can assign categories, set task priorities, follow their palm zire 21, set the due date. The sides are smooth and free of buttons. I love the simple to use, no instructions necessary navigation. PalmOne positioned that model the same — a paper substitute marketing issues put the paper the key rival and not a palm zire 21 entertainer.

Palm Zire 21 Repair

The alarm is really just a few little beeps. There are 14 basic fields and four fields assigned by the user.

Review Sections Review Specs. Audio playback capability was possible with the inclusion of a SD card slot and a Palm version of RealPlayer.

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