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What are your thoughts about that? Check the chapter 3 and specifically the dhcp option description. This works perfect for me when running a Cisco at home all is fine. It should run a simple tftpserver which are available for free. Additionally the device can be powered off and rebooted and will still login as the same user account with needing to re-tether via USB to a workstation. If you are unable to sign into the phone, and it displays the message “Cannot download certificate because domain is not accessible”, the MAC address of the phone is probably not registered on the IU network.

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To call an off-campus or long-distance number, keep the handset in the cradle and enter the ten-digit number; do not dial 1 first. Look into the admin manual of the cx These two are xc700 the same phone under different names, polycom cx700 usb are sometimes called “Tanjay” phones.

Your articles are always awesome, and I have had to reference them a lot during polycom cx700 usb first Lync implementations, so thank you for everything!

Refurbished Polycom CX – Polycom CX Phones – Dynamic CommSource

He posted the CU5 download file in. Hopefully in the future Microsoft will support the polycom cx700 usb of SRV records as it is with the Lync Client and just throw a single certificate warning on first sign in.

December 7, at 6: This was all working fine prior to our network downtime on Friday. I’m setting up a Polycom cx700 usb, but when I tether it to my pc, and it asks for my login info, it will not accept my user name in the polyocm ‘domainusername’.

Polycom USB A-to-B Cable for CX600/CX700 IP Phone, connection to PC.

August 29, at polycom cx700 usb I’m hoping this is the issue and I can update the phones by connecting them directly to the network with Lync. The desktop client works well with the new sip domain but when USB teethering the phone stucks at “connecting to lync server”.

Yes, this is OCS R2. All my certs are legit so it could explain my certificate download issues. I suggest you contact your IT department polycom cx700 usb verify that they have deployed Lync to support external clients and IP phones. Polycom cx700 usb is document axon in the Knowledge Base. There’s no configuration options on the phone unless you get them to log in, and if poljcom don’t log in, we can’t change any configuration info.

Polycom CX700 Phones no longer recognized by user PCs

It doesn’t matter which domain you polycom cx700 usb as long as they are the same between the SRV and A. However, attempting to upgrade it via the direct route fails. The phone stalled, eventually giving us a Certificate Authentication Cz700.

We have recently moved to Exchange in the cloud, Works well for most, but we have a couple of folks who after logging into the phone using the USB, they disconnect the USB and after a day or so lose connection to Calendar on their CX Do you know what would be causing this?

If you used the USB cable, the phone for sure HAS acquired this credentials data as even you have said in the article ,so as the result the device and polycom cx700 usb live on its own with that saved credentials. Seems the folks who stay polycom cx700 usb via USB do not see this issue. Did you ever reset one of those renegades with the reset button and a clip??

March 17, at 6: Hi, well polycom cx700 usb that the phone finds the desired certificate which can be found on the configuration server. Polycom cx700 usb could probably be the problem with your setup. Second of all we haven’t use exposed web services externally, again varies reasons. We’ve been working with a Microsoft rep who discovered that the affected phones aren’t getting polycom cx700 usb firmware updates from the server, and as such, they’re also not getting the correct time, and according to the primary OCS server’s IIS logs, are trying to authenticate over port 80 the phones that are working are using Port as they should be Also odd is that when we connect the phones to our DSL test line external IP they find the server and connect without any issues.

Upgrading the Polycom CX Phone to Lync Phone Edition CU7 – The Skype for Business Insider

April 8, at July 30, at 2: You can still use this phone with Lync Server ubby installing the latest version of Lync Phone Edition. There are a number of reasons for this that I won’t polycom cx700 usb into.

Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Is this a requirement when using this process?