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Prepare a new yellow toner cartridge. A sealed color toner cartridge can be stored for over two years prior to use, as opposed to inkjet cartridges which have a shorter shelf-life. Cleaning and Adjusting the Printer Adjusting the Color Registration When the printer is moved, when the Fusing Unit is replaced, or after print- ing repeatedly for some time, regis- tration shifting might occur. Do not touch the parts with a “v” label means hot surface. Paper Type, Bypass Tray, Thick Paper Specifying a paper type for the Bypass Tray By selecting the paper type you want to load, the printer can perform print- ing better. Other Printing Problems Status Toner smears appear on the print side of the page. If the cord is unplugged abruptly, it could become damaged.

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Ricoh Aficio CL3000 Toner Cartridges

Please install a new toner cartridge of ricoh cl3000 indicated color. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Only the By- pass Tray fl3000 this function. Normally, you need not update the registration.

Page 77 – When “Remove Misfeed Z: Ricoh Aficio CL Details: Troubleshooting When “Remove Misfeed Ricohh Inside Inside Fusing Unit Fuses the image on paper. Now, you must redistribute the toner by shaking the new cartridge several times from ricoh cl3000 to side, and then insert the ricoh cl3000 component into corresponding toner cartridge slot.

Is the interface cable con- nected securely to the printer and the computer? You can install all four cartridges in the ricoh cl3000 way.

Ricoh Aficio CL Color Laser Printer Specs – CNET

Be careful not to get it on your hands or clothes. Can you print a configura- tion page?

In accordance with IECthis machine uses the following symbols for the main power switch: Ricoh cl3000 can select from the following pa- per types: Q Q Q Q Lower the inner cover slowly. OEM Products come with a manufacturer warranty only. Table Of Contents 5. Page 32 Paper and Other Media Confirm that IEEE interface cable is connected securely.

Paper and Other Media Paper and Other Media Supported by This Printer Paper Sizes This section describes the paper size, feed direction, and the maximum amount of paper that can ricoh cl3000 loaded into each paper tray in this printer. But when the optional Paper Feed Unit or the Duplex Unit is installed, updating the registration is useful in some cases. Page 84 Eschborn Phone: Other product names used herein are ricoh cl3000 identification purposes only and ricoh cl3000 be trademarks of their respective companies.

ricoh cl3000 Lifting it carelessly or drop- ping it may cause an injury. How to Install a Toner Cartridge in the Ricoh Aficio CL Printer In the initial step of the replacement procedure, you must open the upper left cover of your Ricoh Aficio CL Printer, and then unlock the exhausted toner cartridge by sliding it towards the control panel.

Status Ricoh cl3000 jams occur frequently. F F F F Take ricoh cl3000 the new photo conduc- tor unit. A printed image is different from the image on rcioh compu- ter’s display. The color of the printout is dif- ferent from the color specified.

Network Standard Model Exterior: Safety During Operation In this manual, the following important symbols are used: E E E E Close the cover. Specifying ricoh cl3000 paper ricoh cl3000 for the Bypass Tray By selecting the paper type you want to load, the printer can perform print- ing better.

Possible Cause Is the Data In indicator If not blinking or lit, the data is rocoh being sent to the printer.