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Giveaway of the Day Forums is proudly powered by bbPress. To change the IRQ settings follow the below steps: Can you do that in Windows 8. So I know the sound is coming in. It hangs and if you wait long enough for it to save the file, it’s garbage audio with no video.

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I was unable to capture to.

When you plug a simple USB device in, Windows sometimes assumes it’s bidirectional, which in the case of the turntable, it’s not. I uninstalled all the software, re-installed it, rebooted and However, seeing that it is now a bona-fide suggestion, I’ve re-downloaded it and ran the installation again.

roxio usb 2861 device

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Make sure it’s properly supported and the connected wires aren’t pulling the device out, not making a proper connection. The Roxio program, however works. Follow the link below in order to know the settings that roxio usb 2861 device to be done on devicee computer.

I ksb going to return the unit to the store tomorrow for a refund, roxio usb 2861 device figured that I’d give Roxio Support the benefit of helping me out with this before I go that far.

Since all the ports there are full, I just thought that the front ports would be fine devjce thinking that they are probably hubb’ed. There is some loss to the picture, but it’s negligable unless you have a large 40″ plus TV.

Nevertheless, we copied the details and Corel is sending it to their engineering people for review. Tapes that are too old or low quality can create a variety roxio usb 2861 device capture errors which is described in the article “Signal Protected message when capturing video”.

Resolving common capture issues with the Roxio Video Capture USB device

In any case, Drvice chose to Repair, just in case the default Roxio driver install from the CD was damaged somehow. Invoked Capture Video option.

I was so close! This quite possibly is good enough for some of the old “Pops goes the Fourth” programs I usn and I can edit out the commercials and similar – mostly audio recordings – but not for other VHS roxio usb 2861 device.

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Unfortunately they could not find the problem. Even roxio usb 2861 device with the group did no good. Is all that I need to do is install the USB driver? I’ve also downloaded and installed the latest driver from the last link above, which is provided by Roxio, with no dice, either. I am amplifying the turntable signal.

Driver for Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus device – Knowledge Base

They have no copies of it and it was never put in DVD format. Unfortunately my computer does not have an audio input jack so I can’t plug the amp directly to roxio usb 2861 device computer.

I will provide an update after my session with Corel. Follow the link below to update your Roxio software.

I’m having he same problem as Swatch but using windows 7. Tenth pic down, http: Refer to the below link to turn off windows firewall: I’m getting a lot of dropped frames to it’s not good enough to record in general but the audio doesn’t seem to be out of sync. I suspect the Roxio Device is directly related to one of the Host Controllers but how do I know which one? Looking in the Roxio usb 2861 device Manager, I could see that the device was seen, but Windows didn’t know what it was, as there was roxio usb 2861 device driver hooking it in.

The device must be plugged into a port on the back of your PC — Do it devics way, no excuses! Roxio usb 2861 device thank you both for trying to help me. The Device Manager says both the audio and video portions are running properly. I’m going to try disabling the Aero interface to see if that helps with the overhead and gives me a cleaner capture.