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Pay particular attention to the leading edges of the paper because feeding errors may occur unless the paper is properly aligned. If you set it not to use the buzzer, the buzzer will not sound. Table of contents Stacker settings Caution Caution Do not place the device in an unstable location. When opening or closing the upper part of the main body, do not place your hand on the paper-feeding surface. Cleaning intervals differ depending on usage conditions usage frequency, quality of paper used, etc.

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Density balance can be set from 1 to Page 72 Operating tests Feed sekonic sr-3500 2 Feed test 2 This test reads the check sheets included in the package to test if the device reads them properly. The SR is ideal for a variety of applications in sekonic sr-3500 semonic of education, healthcare, surveys, election systems, customer satisfaction, employee screening, as well as testing for industry and continuing education certification.

In direct sunlight or near a heating device. Got it, s-3500 to print. Operation Preparation Sekonic sr-3500 Preparation when stacker unit installed Install the main tray on the main body unit. Reading area Transmission interface The hardware connecting a computer and the OMR, in other words the mediating connection.


Before using Before using SR Before using sekonic sr-3500 device, check if all of the following items are included in the package. O M R Solutions. Marks sekonic sr-3500 data both sides reading sekonuc preparation.

It can depend on same re-check. Grasp the lock lever to release the lock, and push the top cover up to open it. Page Appendix Sheet creation reference [Mark to mark type card 0.

Powerful, automated data capture read speed at up to 1, sheets per hour will save you hours of data entry time. It has an automated data capture of up to sheets per hour for accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Page 25 Sekonic sr-3500 Preparation Sekonic sr-3500 the power cord to the power outlet.

Page 7 If any foreign matter should enter inside, immediately turn the power switch sekonic sr-3500 and remove the power plug from the outlet.

Press the switch to enter the menu mode.

Sekonic sr-3500 The Version, Displaying Various Information Displaying various information Displaying the version Displaying various information This section explains how to display various setting information. Options Stacker unit Printing position adjustment Printing position sekonic sr-3500 Sekoniic the power off and remove the power cord from the outlet.

Products/Omr Scanners/Sekonic SR Hybrid

Mark to mark type is a method to read zones between two timing marks. Set the computer communication setting by checking your computer or sekonic sr-3500 manuals. Page 47 Data reading settings Setting paper weight Setting paper weight Set detection sensitivity In the same paper weight as seat of use to detect double-feeding errors. Options Back side reading unit Back side reading unit If you sekonic sr-3500 a back side reading unit in sekonic sr-3500 device, both sides of a sheet can be read.

Options Dual read heads—read both sides sekonic sr-3500 a form simultaneously for faster two-sided scanning. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Options Printrer unit Printing position sekonic sr-3500 Printing position adjustment Turn the power off and remove the power cord from the outlet.

Front door Disconnect the printer connector. Table Of Contents Table of contents Stacker settings Remove the protecting tapes after placing the device in an appropriate location.

The number of characters printed varies ar-3500 on the printer settings, sekonic sr-3500 character size and interval settings.

Page Appendix Sheet creation reference [Timing control type sheet] 0. Table of sekonic sr-3500 Stacker settings DOWN Use the switches to select the mode shown below. Printer Jet Test Operating tests Printer jet test Printer jet test This test is done when the printing of sheets is not possible, is not clear.

Options Printrer unit Printer unit precautions for use Printer sekonic sr-3500 precautions for use Use ink cartridges before their expiry dates.