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NOTE To view the approximate amount of toner remaining, hold down the operation guide key or the [COPY] key during printing or when the machine is on standby. The Sharp AR-MN can grow as your business does; it comes as a standard copier and printer with the option of adding fax and scanner capabilities. Page 34 – loading paper in the bypass tray Page 35 – bypass tray Page 36 Page 37 Page 38 – setting the paper type and paper size Page 39 Page 40 – setting the paper size when a special si To use this function, two machines must be connected to your network as network printers. The two pages of the open book are scanned as a set, and two pages each are copied onto the front and back sides of the copy paper four pages are copied onto one sheet of copy paper.

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Follow the procedure sharp ar-550n to replace the staple cartridge or remove jammed staples. Open the lower cover of the saddle stitch finisher.

Sharp rated the monthly duty cycle ra-550n a whoppingimpressions. When printing sharp ar-550n transmitting a document in copy mode, printer mode, sharp ar-550n image send mode,”FILE”can be selected to save an image of the document to the main folder or a previously created custom folder. Remove any paper misfed on the exit side of the saddle stitch unit.

Sharp AR M550N Supplies

Original Margin Shift Margins can be added to copies. Sharp ar-550n the paper size in paper tray 3 Pull out paper tray 3. For information on general machine problems, printer problems, fax problems, and network scanner problems, please see the troubleshooting sections of the appropriate manuals.

Be careful not to tear the misfed removal. Numbers and symbols that can be entered are as follows: Touch panel The touch panel screens shown in sharp ar-550n manual are printed images, and may appear different from the actual screens.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price. While pushing down on lever knob Remove any jammed staples, and then When a key is touched, a beep will sound and the key will be highlighted to indicate that it is selected. Sharp ar-550n To use sharp ar-550n, the machine must have the printer function.

Enter the desired number or symbol. Page To display the special modes screen Turn roller rotating knob A in the direction of the arrow to remove the sharp ar-550n paper.

This function is convenient when stapling or shrp copies sharp ar-550n a string. By storing frequently used copy settings in a job program, sharp ar-550n can eliminate the bother of selecting the settings each time you use them for a copy job.

Covers GOne-sided copying of one-sided originals page GOne-sided copying of two-sided originals page Inserts GOne-sided copying of one-sided originals Number of pages output by the machine. Bypass Tray 1 horizontal loading in the diagram below. Approximate page yield of the black developer. Dual Page Copy Dual page copy The dual page copy function produces separate sharp ar-550n of two documents placed side by side on the document glass.

It has impressive features including automatic duplexing, standard paper capacity of 3, pages, and Ethernet connectivity. Problem The desired staple mode is not selected.

Original Copy Place the originals sharp ar-550n the document feeder tray. Be sure to store paper in the wrapper in a dry location and do not store paper in a location that is Ghumid Gat a high hsarp or an extremely low Touch the number key of the desired job program.

This function allows the original pages to sharp ar-550n scanned in sets. This sharp ar-550n is convenient when you sharp ar-550n a large number of original pages to scan. The sizes sharp ar-550n paper that the printer can print on. There is no stopping to replace paper in the middle of a job with a standard paper capacity of 3, sheets.

Make sure that the correct size has been detected.