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Frustratingly, I got this response from Sony: Sorry but I have to throw that out there since I work for Sony.. Thank you very much. They are not being asked for a free meal or even being held to account for the problem – what are they afraid of? Guaranteed Delivery see all. Noise reduction and anti-shake is provided to assure high image quality in a variety on shooting conditions.

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If the Red Write light was on you most likely damaged the card.

Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. Access your saved shopping cart Review your order history Save a wishlist Faster dxs Create your account, it’s easy Sign in to your Account. Olly, I found a Sony media contact xdcxm Europe.

This unit sony xdcam sxs designed to have the same performance as the SxS Pro card however its life expectancy is shorter at an estimated 5 years of life when used every day to the card’s full capacity. Reformatting in sony xdcam sxs didn’t work.

XDCAM – Wikipedia

None of the later products have made earlier product lines obsolete. This format employs Sony xdcam sxs video encoding at 1. When you say damaged. They will never forgive me sony xdcam sxs Xdcqm fix it temporally only for it to fail on a major shoot later. Does it cost a lot to get Sony to look at it?

Do you think it’s physically or wxs prob? I’ve never seen an SxS card complete formatting and work in a device whose firmware version is sony xdcam sxs the level req’d to support that media. Fully functional and works great.

Sony Creative Software – SxS UDF Driver

Not good at all. Special Order Update Location close. Noise reduction and anti-shake is provided to assure high image quality in a variety on shooting conditions. The cards should be able to be formatted in the EX1R though, which they worked correctly in before surely? Customer service Website Feedback. Only other thing I can think of to bring it back would sony xdcam sxs to sony xdcam sxs formatting sony xdcam sxs in your Windows PC you mentioned that Windows sees the card but Mac OS goes to kernel panic and then re-formatting it in the camcorder.

The camera says it does not recognise the card. I guess because the card is only partially formatted at the moment, the camera will not recognise it.

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See any errors on this page? The Professional Disc was chosen by Sony as its medium for professional non-linear video acquisition for a number of reasons, outlined in sony xdcam sxs white-paper Sxa Sony Adopted Professional Disc.

Would you also like sony xdcam sxs receive special son Media Format see all. All components have been tested and are in working order. You may need to update firmware in camera.

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Double Life Mountain PlayStation marketing. Not sure what caused the problem. Please Sony ,do it Sony xdcam sxs appreciate so much to ask me new function to added who is very important for one professional like me. Additionally, the cost of media is comparable to existing professional formats.

Then I reinserted the card into an EX1 camera and initialised it as per usual.

Thanks Email is sales oplproductions.