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Sat May 17, 1: Beowyf Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: This would give a well rounded view of how the system handles. Covers your purchase price and original shipping. How many people were running nF2 boards at MHz before this new revision? Read more about the condition. I think the NF2 is great, I might even buy a board based on it, but saying the KT sucks is just short sighted, the thing isn’t even on the market yet.

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This was a feature that was left out of the KTA chipset that allowed the nForce2 Ultra chipset to be the via kt600 competitor for a short time. Yeah, more performance for less cost, what’s not to like?

Performance Our preliminary testing shows that the model via kt600 the slowest among the mentioned ones via kt600 on the chipset. Analog Device’s drivers are fairly solid too NOT the a7v8x. Wed May 14, 7: Dmitry Mayorov destrax ixbt. The board fixes an impossible boot caused by overclocking, and clears CMOS. VIA is aware of this is advantage and has been delivering it via kt600 manufacturers and thus to end-users to reclaim some of the lost market share in the enthusiast market.

It looks to me like the performance inprovement from the KT over the NF2 is about the same as the NF2 was over the KT and we were all wooting back then. Wed May 14, 5: Yes it is great. Latest News Latest Via kt600. Package of the standard design; Documentation: That is a KT board that uses via kt600 realtek codec.

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Of course I doubt that these minor problems are due to via kt600 chipset at all probably video drivers in the case of stuttering. The gains are limited, via kt600 there.

Thu May 15, 8: Back to home page. If I want inexpensive, give me on-board video, but good lord don’t give me two DB15 ports.

ABIT KV7 (VIA KT) Mainboard

Will kt have hardware Dolby Digital Sep 19, Via kt600 What a via kt600 of pants that experience was. Personally I think todays modern chipsets have few real problems. Get an immediate offer. The mentioned BIOS parameters are available in the version, but the viability of non-standard settings hasn’t been tested.

Thu May 15, 7: You presented anecdotes saying one thing. Or via kt600 integrated audio DSP in the southbridge?

Albatron KX600S Pro Motherboard – VIA KT600 Lives On

People don’t buy KT’s because they don’t have digital sound, beleive me. I think the NF2 is great, I might even buy a board based on it, but saying the KT sucks is vja short sighted, the thing isn’t via kt600 on the market yet. via kt600

I just find it funny that I seem to have the problem that most people pin on Via while my Via based board doesn’t show any such symptoms. This content was originally featured on Amdmb. Mar 31, Posts: The fact via kt600 Via managed to get the same or better performance out of a single channel chipset is impressive. Another very strong advantage that you will see in the Via kt600 motherboards via kt600 the inclusion of the VIA south bridge chip. Have one to sell?